Sunday, August 17, 2008


There are some great Headsets on the market.
If you are listening to music, working on something you need to listen to for work, doing a customer service job and number of other things you do want to make sure you have a good one.

They are also very handy if you have someone in your home that likes to listen to music but no one else wants to hear.

There are headsets that go over your head for listening with both ears. They are make them that cover only one ear. Some are even wireless.

If you work a customer service job I suggest you do not use a wireless one. You need to hear everything that is being said and there seems to be a bit of a delay sometimes.
For the you would be best to get one that just plugs into the USB port of your PC.

They range greatly in price. You can find these in the Online Mall as well, get your rebate!

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