Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sign On The Door!

When I started working at home it was so difficult to make sure people knew that I could not be interrupted. They would bang on my literally Bang on my door if I did not answer at the first knock.

I started out working on the telephone and when you are working on the phone you simply can not have noise. The funny thing was that the solicitors were the most polite! It was my friends and family that were not! No matter how many times I told them they continued to bang on my door, loudly I might add (so I would hear they said). They would call me all the time as well.

Excuse me... I love you but... I have a job. I don't bother you at your job running down to your office all day and banging on your cubicle and yelling until you pay attention to me! I don't call you all day long at Your office. What would you do if I did? What would your Boss do if I did? Now think about that. I am doing what I do to earn an income as well.

I finally put a Big Note on my front door. It said: "Working, Do Not Disturb". Funny thing, the solicitors stopped knocking, but my family did not!

After I finally got Very upset with them they seemed to understand, OK either you leave me alone so I can earn a living too or I'm going to be eating at your house, Every Night! and How would you like a Permanent house guest!?!

I finally gave them my schedule and insisted they do not bother me between these hours. Do not bang on my door and do not call me during those times. If you want to talk, a question, a short sentence, Email me. They finally got it. Now they know that for 60 seconds they have my attention in an email.

Set your limits as to what you want. Don't change your mind once you have decided. Let them know and stand your ground. It Is Most Definitely Worth It!

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