Sunday, August 17, 2008

What Kind Of Computer Should I Buy?

People ask me this all the time.

That depends on what kind of job you are doing.
The best suggestion I can give you is buy a new one.
Computers have changed a lot.
If you have an XP hey use it, but Microsoft will not be letting you get any updates for your
programs shortly and we all want to stay updated on the programs we use everyday.
I just purchased a new computer.
It's a Vista. I was afraid of using Vista because others had told me they did not like it and they could not finds things on it.
Let me tell you I love it!
It took me several days to get used to where to find things but its worth it.
If you really confused get out your Manual, that explains it all.

There are Computers in the Mall also.
Go get your mall and get a rebate it on a new one!

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