Saturday, August 16, 2008

You Have to be Comfortable!

I still talk to people that sit in table chairs, wooden and metal, all day and they are trying to work. One of the first things you really want to do is purchase yourself a comfortable desk chair! It makes all the difference! You end up with a back ache, a neck ache, sore legs, tired arms and definitely not good height to work at your computer with.

I bought a desk chair at a garage sale and used that for several years. That was almost as big a mistake as the people that use their kitchen chairs. It still had a little 'Cush' when i bought it and it was cheap, sometimes cheap if what you have to do, but I soon found out that when someone else squishes all the 'Cush' with their 'Tush' it is not a very comfy place for you. I got to the point where I was was so tired of sitting in that chair I would get down on my knees and work. That would last for a short time then I would sit in that 'Cush Gone' chair again.

It makes all the difference when you are comfortable. Some office supplies have great chairs at very affordable prices. I suggest you invest a little money in one that is 'Cushy'.

The chair I purchased was a little over $100, Italian leather with lots of 'Cush' and its so big I can even move around in it for different positions. It swivels, the back moves down and I can tell you What a Difference. My attitude has improved and I can sit here forever. I love working at home and being comfortable makes it even better!

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