Saturday, August 16, 2008

You Need An Area To Work!

If you are planning to work at home you need an office are. A place that is all your own. Some type of jobs you will find on the Internet you have to have absolutely no background noise at all.

For that type of job you will need an area you can be in by yourself with no children running all around, no dogs barking and your significant other not insisting on watching the TV or playing music when you are trying to work.

Possibly use a bedroom you can fit a desk in, maybe you have an attic area you can convert, possibly a basement area or a garage. Wherever it is if you can make it just Your Place that is the best solution.

My son and his friends would always sit at my computer whenever they could sneak there and decide to change my settings so they could play games, music, search the web, whatever stuck their fancy at the time. When I would go to work - guess what? I would have to change all my settings back so that I could do my job.

Let me tell you that was so much wasted time and a lot of Aggravation! If you possibly can get your own computer and own workspace, it will make a big difference in your productivity!

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