Friday, October 7, 2011

Fans of Community seem like a community themselves

Guest post written by Rachel Willard

I always love it whenever I come across a stranger, or just get into a really deep conversation with an acquaintance, and realize that they also love the TV show Community as much as I do. I just think that TV show is so hilarious and I love chatting about it with other people. I even hosted a season premiere party with some of my friends to celebrate the new season.

I also made some food for it to make sure that everyone would come without the excuse of missing dinner or something crazy like that. I found a couple of really good cookie recipes online with my Bellingham wireless internet that I loved. It's also a good thing that my friends loved them too! I wouldn't have some complaining ruining my Community premiere!

I also lured a few of my friends in that had never seen the Community show. I think that I made some true believers out of them. It's one of those great shows that you can watch with lots of other people and enjoy.

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