Saturday, September 6, 2008

Keep Your Day Job! Reality Check....

Ok, So you decided you want to work at home on the computer instead of in a regular outside the home job. Good for you, BUT, Don't Quit Your Day Job, yet.

Building a business on the Internet takes a lot of time. It also takes a lot of advertising and advertising takes time to pull in the results you are looking for.
Results do not happen overnight. Take it from one person here that has been working at home on the Internet for 8 years now.

JUST BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COME? NO!- Reality Check: It just does not work that way.

You have to find or develop something to sell, build a website or hire someone to build it for you, get it published and create a lot of eye catching ads, hiring an expert in this field is the best. Then you have to send lot a lot and I mean a lot of ads. You can find some places where you advertise on for free, safe lists and message boards, some social networks you can post for free, bombard your friends, etc. For a business to make the kind of money you need coming in on a daily, weekly, monthly basis like you need to sustain a household you will have to spend money to advertise.

The big money earners here on the Internet spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on their advertising alone. Some it pays off for, down the road a bit.

You send out an ad and it can be a month before that person opens his mailbox, some get deleted and never get read, some will open and read and delete, that small few will open read, ponder and actually purchase.

KEEP YOUR DAY JOB until you have it built so big you are able to live off that income and have money to put in the bank besides. Be Patient, if you do it right that money will come.

I wrote out a list of jobs you can work at home on the Internet. Join me and get a free mall and I will send you my job list. Some of these jobs pay on a per minute basis, some pay up to $13 an hour. Whatever you decide to do make sure you have a job while you build your business.

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