Thursday, October 2, 2008

Slow Down!

I don't like posting negative things. I would rather post up positive things to brighten your day, but, some things are so important for everyone to know that I have to write about them

Do you watch Opra?
She has some fabulous programs on!
One she had on recently was about Slowing Down in Your One Life.
Slow Down, Your health, Your children's health, Your Mental health depends on you taking care of yourself.
One lady was on her show taking about her life being so busy she did not know that she had left her daughter in the car.
She had 2 young children and husband and a job.
Her husband normally took the children to 2 different day cares everyday then went to work and she went to her job.
This day her husband could not take her daughter to her daycare.
The mother went to work and forgot her small daughter was in the back seat.
8 Hours Later someone told her her daughter was still in her car.
She said she had just been talking to someone about her children and how they loved them and how much they meant to them.
Of course she immediately panicked and tore out to the car and pulled her daughter out of the car so fast the car seat came with her.
The sad part is she was to late!
It was August. The hottest month of the year. Her daughter had died of head stroke.
We get so busy in our lives raising our children, working full time, trying to keep up with everything life throws at us.
We simply can not do everything, it's not possible.
We all choose our lives. Make your choices well and with Wisdom.
Slow down, you will live longer, and enjoy the moments. THE Moments can not be enjoyed if you don't take the time to enjoy them.

Sometimes we have to make better financial decisions to slow down.
What's Important? Your Family. Take care of them and you!

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